• Green building energy solutions.

  • Lower your carbon footprint by consuming less energy to heat and cool your property.

Solar Heat Control For Homes and Buildings

Does your home or commercial property have summertime cooling issues? Window film can reduce cooling costs by up to 30%, while also reducing glare and adding privacy. We have a vast variety of window films, thanks to our supplier Llumar, we can ensure you that we have the perfect window film for your project. Read below for more information on solar control window films and how they work. 

  • Keep rooms cool by reducing hot spots.

  • Allow natural light to pass through while providing privacy.

  • Block up to 88% of solar heat with our window films.

image - 2021-02-07T203750.682.jpg
  • All Window Film blocks up to 99% of UV Rays.

  • Keep yourself, customers, and employees safe from harmful UV rays.

  • Keep spaces comfortable by reducing blinding glare.

  • Up to 95% glare rejection available.

  • Enjoy a more comfortable home/work environment by keeping harsh sun glare out. 

How Does Solar Control Film Work ?


Thanks to the unique construction of window film, both residential and commercial properties can reap the benefits of lower cooling costs. Thin layers of metalized materials or ceramic sputtering on top of a polyester film allow window films to reduce the  heat transferred through the glass via solar energy. Along with the metalized or ceramic layers there is also a UV absorbing layer, heavy duty mounting adhesive, and a scratch resistant hard coat. All of these components are brought together to make window film the perfect solar controlling solution for your project.