• Green building energy solutions.

  • Lower your carbon footprint by consuming less energy to heat and cool your property.

Commercial Window Tinting

Do you have a commercial property that is in need of window tinting? From office buildings to schools and hospitals we have endless window film options and years of experience in the commercial sector. Commercial buildings generally have much larger windows and a large abundance of them. This makes the need for energy controlling window films and security window films a must. All of our Llumar Commercial window film is also backed by a 15 year Commercial warranty. 

  • Keep rooms cool by reducing hot spots.

  • Allow natural light to pass through while providing privacy.

  • Keep spaces comfortable by reducing blinding glare.

  • Up to 95% glare rejection available.

  • Window Film blocks up to 99% of UV Rays.

  • Keep customers/employees safe from harmful UV rays.

  • Add new life to your windows with 100's of options in our decorative film line.

  • Add privacy and style.

  • Add maximum security to your glass with Llumar 8mil security films. 

  • Bomb/blast resistant, and impact grade testing to keep intruders out.